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The Delian Music Story

1947 - 2019

After 48 years under me, 10 years under my Mother and 72 years in total, Delian Music has permanently closed its doors. It is time for me to retire!

It has been my esteemed pleasure to have been able to have served the local communities by providing an environment dedicated to learning a musical instrument. My teaching staff and I wish that you continue seeking person to person musical education because online learning is NOT enough!!

Thank you for all of your years of business and support. Good luck to you all! And please continue to support small business wherever you can!

The Delian Music Story:  We Have Come Full Circle

On a cold rainy night in 1967, my father told my surprised mother that he just bought her a music store from Arnie and Delia Arvidson.  (hence the name Delian).   The Arvidsons started Delian Music  in 1947. It was located on Manchester Blvd. in Westchester - what is now the Vergari Dance Center, next to Paco's Mexican Restaurant.   The store was principally a band instrument rental store and music lesson store which also sold the prestigious line of Kimball piano and organs, beginning guitars including Kay guitars and a few amps.  It was truly a  neighborhood music store. For the next 10 years, my mother, Alberta, ran the store very successfully by herself . I started working the weekends in 1975.  In 1977, when my father passed away, I started full time at Delian Music giving up a law career at a downtown law firm - Lillick, McHose and Charles. 

In 1980 Delian moved to Sepulveda Blvd. in Westchester.  Over the next couple of years,  Delian Music went from a small neighborhood music store to a very competitive music store with several lines:   Kohler and Campbell acoustic pianos, Roland, Yamaha, Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Electro-Harmonix, Boss, Crate, Acoustic, Martin, LeBlanc,  Fostex, Pearl, Gretsch, Danelectro and many more.  In the early 80's, we were one of the first music stores to receive the coveted Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer for sale.  The other stores were West L.A. Music and Guitar Center.   This store was 2500 square feet.   We had a separate drum, recording, guitar, accessory and repair department.  We had a staff of 5 full time employees - 4 salespeople and one secretary.

However as the megastores got bigger and bigger, the competition became fierce so we changed our strategy.  After almost 10 years at that location, we moved to the Culver City location. We had to squeeze 2500 feet into 1900.  So, we got rid of several franchises and focused more on music lessons, sheet music and accessories.

In August of 2004, after 15 years, the landlord evicted us. We had no choice but to move again. They say change is good!!

In May 2005, we moved into our new location.  It is amazing how life has come full circle. I was born in Inglewood and now my business has moved to its last location in Inglewood.  The store began as a small neighborhood music store, grew to a medium-sized mega-store and is now back to the small neighborhood store once again.

In April, 2012, Delian Music celebrated their 65th anniversary!!  Also in April, Delian Music celebrated it’s 40th anniversary under the Blankenship name, 30 years under Candace Blankenship.  “I attribute the store's longevity to a couple of things:  keeping costs down as much as I can and keeping Delian small and personal.  I would also say it is kind of 'hokey.'   In this era of impersonality, big box stores and product over-saturation, I think,  'hokey' serves as a nice change of pace."

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