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We are committed to the simple belief that "MUSIC EDUCATION MAKES THE DIFFERENCE." Music helps children think by fostering creativity, teaching effective communication skills and encouraging the abiding values of self-discipline, self-discovery and self-expression. Music lessons also increase spatial and cognitive abilities in children which helps them with Math and Science. Music lessons help to stave off the onset of Alzheimer's in adults. We are proud to offer an environment dedicated to this endeavor.

WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE ONE OF THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE TEACHING STUDIOS ON THE WESTSIDE, with more than 200 students and 12 teachers that teach almost every instrument.


The lessons are once a week, half-hour, private instruction and are purchased 3 ways:

For Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Sax, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Violin, Cello, Trombone and Voice Lessons
  • 4 Lessons in advance - $120.00 ($30 each)
  • 12 Lessons in advance - $336.00 ($28 each)
  • One Lesson at a time: $35.00

    Please Note: Same day cancellations are forfeited. You must notify Delian Music 12 hours in advance in order not to be charged. Lessons are also non-refundable. Make-ups will be given within the same week if scheduling permits.


    "Teaching Music Is Our Passion"

    Our teachers have extensive backgrounds in learning and teaching musical instruments. Many are graduates of Musicians’ Institute or hold teaching degrees from other institutions. You can choose whatever style of teaching that fits in with your style of learning. You may choose rock, heavy metal, jazz, blues, classical, folk, ragtime, broadway, standard, pop 40, cocktail, e-z listening, gospel, funk, standards, and R & B.

    You will learn theory & harmony, how to read musical notation, scales AND you will have FUN while learning one or two of your favorite songs. From beginner to advanced, we have a teacher and style for you.

    "Getting the Most Out of Lessons"

    1. Come once a week - consistency; substitutes are available if your regualr teacher can't make it;

    2. minimum of 30 minutes practice EACH day;

    3. Books, books, books; purchase required textbooks;

    4. Bring those books with you to each lesson;

    5. Wash hands/use toilet before the lesson;

    6. Parents, get involved in your child’s practice time and Praise your child!!

    7. Set up Practice/Play-Overs with other students!


    "What Should You Expect from Music Lessons at Delian Music?"

    download pdf version of below

    On your first lesson, both you and your teacher are becoming acquainted with one another. You are actually interviewing each other to see if the “fit” is right. Your teacher will ask you some basic questions like: what is your favorite type of music; do you have any particular songs that you want to learn right away? Have you ever taken music lessons before and how long? What are you hoping to achieve or what are your expectations and how can I help you? If you have taken lessons before and they have been in the last year or two, you will be asked to bring in your old music books in addition to the new books that you will be required to purchase. If the student is a child, the parent may sit in the first few lessons to observe and do the interviewing.

    On the next few lessons, you will learn the proper handling, tuning and posturing of your instrument. (how to hold it when sitting or standing). You will also be asked to purchase a small tuner or tuning fork and a metronome. You will learn how to maintain your instrument and be instructed on how to clean and lubricate your instrument with the proper oils and cleaning tools.

    In the next several lessons, depending on the instrument, you will learn and understand how to read music notes, treble and bass clef, rhythm, melody and harmony, how to count, how to play chords, proper fingering, how to keep time and keep a steady tempo with a metronome. Additionally you will learn scales and arpeggios. If you are learning guitar and bass, you will also learn how to strum and pick, how to read tablature and explore the various music styles. If you are learning drums you will learn how to set up a drum set, how to hold and choose the proper sticks, basic technique, explore the 26 rudiments and the various music styles.

    You will have a good grasp of the instrument and know how to play a few songs comfortably and confidently after the first three months. You must practice at least 20 minutes a day – just like exercise – the rewards pay off when you practice!! Now the real fun starts – after the first three months – when you can take what you have learned with your teacher and play the music you want to play. Your commitment should be at least one to two years of music lessons. We have several students who have been here five years plus and some 10 years! Many music students take lessons all of their lives.


    "Are Adults Too Busy for Music Lessons?"

    by Candace Blankenship

    As adults, it is difficult to schedule any time for yourself.  Between family and friends, commitments and daily routines, scheduling a music lesson for yourself and committing to the weekly lesson time is about the last thing on your mind.   In addition, when would you ever find the time to practice those lessons during the week?  That is why Delian Music came up with a solution.  We teach music lessons three different ways in order to satisfy every age group and every student’s need: 

    • Method No. 1:  Mostly theory and technique with a little fun thrown in (great for children);  This is more of the old-fashioned way of teaching a musical instrument  with scales, exercises, workbooks and flashcards that young children need to have in order to learn the instrument and to help their cognitive abilities.    Weekly lessons and  practice time of at least 20 minutes a day is a must;

    •  Method No. 2:  A combination of theory and technique and a lot more fun.  This method is very popular with teens and young adults.  It is important to have an equal combination of both the technical exercises and songs from the Red Hot Chili Peppers (or your other favorite songs.)This is a little less stringent and more fun, but the student is still getting plenty of the essentials. Weekly lessons and daily  practice time of at least 20 minutes is still expected!!

    • Method No. 3:  All fun – no theory or technique – just that one or two songs you have been dying to play since you were a kid and played air guitar to “Stairway to Heaven.”  This is the method most adults like.  We know that you don’t have time to practice those scales and exercises (or that you plain just don’t want to). So – we make it a fun-filled time by getting you into your favorite song(s) quickly.  You can also imagine, if you want to, that you are up on your own stage – in front of a lot of people or in front of no-one.  It is like singing in your shower – although this time you will have a little professional help.  This is the fastest way to get you playing your favorite song on an instrument.  Practice time? – well that is up to you. We do recommend the proverbial 20 minutes at least a day.  You will learn the instrument faster.  But, there is no stress here (except of course to call a day ahead of time if you can’t make the lesson so you aren’t charged.)  If you can’t make it every week and just want to do a lesson sometimes – that is okay too.  You would need to pay for either four or twelve lessons up front but you can use the lessons when you want.  We have special “adult” times also – like after work and on Saturdays.

    Don’t have an instrument?  We can supply that also.  You can purchase them at very reasonable prices.  Be nice to yourself!! Take that little half hour once a week to have fun on that instrument you always wanted to learn how to play!!  If you don’t do it, nobody else will do it for you. Delian Music teaches almost every instrument.  Piano, guitar, bass, drums, flute, sax, trumpet, trombone, clarinet, violin, cello and voice.  Lessons are once a week ½ hour private instruction.

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