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Instrument Rentals

Delian Music rents ALL instruments that we teach to enrolled music students on a 3 month minimum basis. Clarinets, flutes, trumpets, acoustic guitars, keyboards and violins are $35.00/month; alto saxophones, cornets and trombones are $50.00/month; drum sets are $50.00/month. All rentals are pre-paid 3 months in advance with a non-refundable deposit equivalent to one month's rental.

Credit requirements: valid CA driver's license; two major credit cards; 3 months rental applies to purchase.



CLARINET - clarinet swab or padsaver, sanispray and mouthpiece brush, cork grease,  pack of reeds ( 1 ½ or 2) or at least 3 or 4 of single reeds;   a new mouthpiece kit – (m/p, ligature and cap.)

SAXOPHONE – saxophone swab or padsaver, sanispray and mouthpiece brush, cork grease, gooseneck swab or cleaner, polishing cloth for brass (lacquered cloth) for outside, pack of reeds (1 ½ or 2) or at least 3 or 4 single reeds;  new mouthpiece kit – (m/p, ligature, cap); neckstrap

FLUTE – flute swab or padsaver;  silver polishing cloth.

TRUMPET - valve oil, trumpet snake; spitballs (cleaner), sanispray and mouthpiece brush, polishing cloth for lacquered instruments; new 7c mouthpiece.

TROMBONE – trombone slide grease, trumpet snake, sanispray and m/p brush, cloth for brass instruments, new mouthpiece

VIOLIN – rosin, chin rest, bow, fine tuners, fingering tape

For all instruments:  Case ID tags; Practice Record and Assignment Book; various lesson books and teaching videos/cd’, dvd’s.


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