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Delian Music has an excellent instrument repair department that can fix just about any instrument problem.    Turnaround time is usually a week on woodwind and brass instruments.  Guitar and bass repair is usually a one day turnaround. Loaner instruments may be provided at a minimal cost while yours is being repaired if we have them in stock.  We can:

*Change guitar strings, and tune, minor guitar repair, clean and polish

*Set action and intonation on guitar and bass

*Repadding or

*Complete overhaul of your woodwind or brass instrument

*Relacquer brass instruments



Just like anything else – cars, computers and other equipment, musical instruments need to be maintained as well.  Following are suggestions to keep your instrument in good working order and what would need to be done if you have a problem:

KEEP ALL instruments out of the sun and extreme temperature changes.  This also means out of a hot car – especially a guitar, violin and cello.

GUITAR:  Keep the guitar in a case when not in use out of the way like in a closet or under the bed.  It is okay to put the guitar on a guitar stand for a little while, but not to store the guitar on the guitar stand indefinitely.  Keep the body, neck and fingerboard polished with guitar polish or a few drops of lemon oil and change the strings when the strings start changing color or feel grimy – about every 3 months on the average.  A buzzing or rattling sound when you play the strings means that the neck, saddle, bridge or nut may need adjustment (action or intonation).  DON”T  do it yourself  unless you know  what you are doing.  Bring it to our repair person at Delian Music.  Restringing costs $15.00 plus the price of strings.  Action and intonation - $20.00 - $40.00.

FLUTE:  Use only a polishing cloth or flute polish that is specially made for the flute to clean the outside of the body.  NEVER use regular silver polish – too harsh – and if you use flute polish – use very little and DO NOT get any of the polish onto the pads because it will ruin them.  To clean the inside of the flute use a cleaning rod and cloth or padsaver.  If you store a flute or another woodwind instrument like a saxophone or a clarinet for a long period of time moths may eat the pads causing leaks.  You will then need an instrument repad and/or overhaul costing around $75.00 to $250.00 depending on the damage and the instrument.  Slight adjustments on the keys, springs and rods of an instrument are also occasionally needed just because the instrument gets played.

SAXOPHONES & CLARINETS: Remove the reed and place it in the reed holder when you are through playing.  Clean the mouthpiece after each use with a special sanitized spray and a mouthpiece brush.  Use a sax swab or a pad-saver to clean  the inside of the sax and the neck.  Use a specifically treated lacquer cloth to clean the outside of a sax.  The outside of a plastic clarinet rarely needs cleaning.  A wooden clarinet, however, needs to be polished with a small amount of bore oil and a soft cloth.  All the necessary cleaners and polishes are sold at Delian Music and start at $2.95.

TRUMPETS AND TROMBONES: Trumpets must be kept well oiled with valve oil.  Put a few drops into each trumpet valve each time you use the trumpet.  If you need to remove a valve, only remove one at a time and not all three at once.  You cannot mix up the valves because you won’t be able to play the trumpet.  Remove the mouthpiece after use and clean it with a sanitized spray and mouthpiece brush.

The outside needs to be polished with a special cloth for lacquer finishes.  A trumpet will need to have an “acid” wash from a qualified repairman if it becomes stuck and unplayable.  This is not unusual.  The cost is about $50.00.  Never jam the mouthpiece into the trumpet or it will never come out.  If this happens, do not use pliers or a vice to remove it.  This needs a special tool called a mouthpiece puller which we have here at Delian music.

VIOLINS & CELLOS: Polish the outside of a violin with a soft cloth and violin polish.  Loosen the bow hair, before putting it into the case.  Use rosin on the bow before playing.  Single hairs that stray from the bow may be cut with scissors – but not too many.

GENERAL RULES FOR ALL INSTRUMENTS: Be gentle with all instruments.  Use slight force when you are putting your woodwind and brass instruments together and taking them apart.

Keep instruments in their case when not in use.  Leaning a guitar against a wall is not a good idea.  IF the guitar falls over the body and/or neck could be damaged.

Never put steel strings on a classical guitar – the neck may snap right off and the strings could hit you in the eye.  You may, however, put nylon strings on an acoustic guitar. Never leave reeds on a mouthpiece when not playing it.  All kinds of mildew and bacteria will collect.

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